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Catholic War Veterans Of USA, Inc.

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Album Contents

Dept CDR Wulf & Dept Aux President Rygalski

The Colonel and Office Manager Jennifer

Two Madame Presidents

Colonel Chapman, Lloyd Niederriter and Muna, the C

Ohio's Woman of the Year - Christine Richmond

Getting ready for Opening Session

Cornhole Champs from Post 1222

Getting ready for Opening Session 2

McGervey Award Winner - James Kawczynski

CDR Wulf and his two henchmen

2VC Bettinger and Post 306 CDR Repka

Christine Richmond & Donna Thompson - Party Planne

Friday Night Safari

Delegates enjoying the Safari

11th Hour Ceremony Color Guard - Post 1675

Nat'l Auxiliary President Lupita Martinez addresse

Nat'l CDR Schwally buys Raffle Tickets

Joint Session speaker Tim Espich from ODVS

John J. Martin Award Winner - Larry Cieniewski

Dept CDR Wulf gift to Nat'l CDR Schwally

CDR's Cup Winner - St. Mary's Post 306